Harmony includes the right proportion , the right balance as well as finding beauty in every image.


Fashion designer, interior designer, dreamer and creator of art concepts, who is always on the pursuit of creating harmony. As an artist, she finds unique ways to achieve harmony between colors, different styles, external and internal elements. She uses traditional, classic, contemporary, art deco and futuristic styles to develop works of art, which are then made exquisite by involving her knowledge of mystical eastern, and modern european motifs.


Sylvia Takacs designs extraordinary interior images, creating a unique harmony in spaces. She mixtures historical interior stiles with the elements of modern design. Uniquely formed wall-panels decor her photo and drawing collages. These paper works inspire her interior designer partners to create single and unrepeatable spaces. She brings into harmony the mysterious world of ancient Eastern culture and the classic and elegant modern European style, balancing royal grandeur with modern spaces. She put together the values of the French luxury crafts, using every kind of rich material and pattern coming from the stone mines, the textile industry, or even the art history of the ancient world.


Sylvia Takacs started as a fashion designer at various companies in 1995. She founded her own manufacture and Fashion Saloon in Hungary. She wended the products of her own brand all around the country and in Eastern Europe. In the meanwhile she became well-experienced in the field of modeling and producing, including the manufacturing process, planning of technology, organizing of manufacturing and standardized production as well. She learned the spirit of materials, the quality of different laces and silks. Under her own brand, she created prêt-à-porter collections and organized fashion shows in Hungary and Europe for ten years.


Sylvia’s impressionistic paintings are symbolized by the special shades of colors, the fresh and attractive colors which create a dynamic feeling of the pictures.

As experienced fashion designer, I have continuously developed my drawing technique; in my pictures I’m trying to combine the signs of fashion, interior design and art. I love to use the colors attractive and bravely, and keep in motion the patterns on the pictures.

I believe that my pictures have positive emission and these positive aspect will become true in our everyday life.