Harmony in art and women

The most essential quality in art is harmony. Creativity and creating requires coordination of colours and shapes, making one harmonious picture, which, after splitting it apart, has meaning and value in all of the different pieces.

The feeling of harmonious colours and materials connect us with women’s inner intuitive power. Every woman is unique, with all their powerful personalities and beauty, this is why each and every one of us has to activate our inner creativity. It is essential that every material, every medium we use, wheter it be soft or rough, has to follow the natural flow and shape of the female body, thus creating harmony between a woman’s personality, aura and her own inner radiance. Let’s wake up the power of the heart and bring an intimate, sassy and lovable lifestyle to surface.

Almond hotel

Our use of bold and extravagant colours, attractive prints , gold finishes and textured fabrics create eye catching decor that express your personality throughout your striking contemporary design. Picking out the stylished trends. We advise how to mix and match to make style statements, how to arrange and decorate each room.