Harmony in art and women

The most essential quality in art is harmony. Creativity and creating requires coordination of colours and shapes, making one harmonious picture, which, after splitting it apart, has meaning and value in all of the different pieces.

The feeling of harmonious colours and materials connect us with women’s inner intuitive power. Every woman is unique, with all their powerful personalities and beauty, this is why each and every one of us has to activate our inner creativity. It is essential that every material, every medium we use, wheter it be soft or rough, has to follow the natural flow and shape of the female body, thus creating harmony between a woman’s personality, aura and her own inner radiance. Let’s wake up the power of the heart and bring an intimate, sassy and lovable lifestyle to surface.


Symbols in the interior

The textile used for the armchair has an Art Nouveau appearence, which makes the room fresh and inviting. On the mahogany coloured inlaid parquet we placed an antiqued silver carpet, which, with it’s unique tendril and vine patterns, compensates for the floor’s strong effect. All the different and exciting carpets make the dynamics of the room exquisitely unique. Patterns of birds symbolises positivity and ascending, referring to our light soaring through our existence.

The squirrel symbolises the wholeness joy, life force, communication, open-mindedness and fertility. It embodies whishes, goals, ideas and hopes, every trait, which pervades womanhood. It has connection with three of the ancient elements: Air, Fire and Earth. Quick and agile, this is exactly why it is a perfect guide to transition and transformation, i.e. dimension change.

It motivates us to open our minds to everything new, while still maintaining our independence. Let’s treat ourselves, take care of our feelings, our intuition, in the meanwhile do not forget about our reserves and gathering strenght. Ergo, the key is creating harmony and balance in our lives.


Under the spell of colours

The ecletctic vanilla and soft yellow background colours highlight and emphasize the oil blue clothes, thus making them not only an accessory of the room, but a dominant element. The two major colour group, pastel yellow and oil blue creates a good contrast, and a perfect collaboration. The stone-like tone-in-tone colour hues on the wallpaper smuggle light and sophisticated elegance to our living space, and the carefully selected deep blue curtains give the room a fine, but spectacular contour. The classic lines of the furniture create a truly elegant and refined space.

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